West Side Heights

A redevelopment plan on Newark's West Side

2019 - Present

City of Newark Department of Housing & Economic Development, Office of Planning and Zoning

Project Team:

Georgeen Theodore

Tobias Armborst

Andrew Wald

Georine Pierre

Riley Gold

Merna Kamel

Interboro Partners is working with the City of Newark's Office of Planning and Zoning to create a redevelopment plan for a site on Newark's West Side. The plan includes new small-scaled housing, larger mixed-use multifamily, community space, open green space, and streetscapes. The plan reimagines the traditional 3-family residential block to create a new neighborhood that increases housing density and uses land more efficiently, while staying true to the surrounding urban context. The redevelopment plan has not been officially released yet, but watch this space—more project details coming soon!