Architectural Ethnography

Interboro @ the 2018 Venice Biennale


Interboro is excited to have The Arsenal of Exclusion and Inclusion be a part of "Architectural Ethnography," this year's exhibition at the Japan Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Biennale! Here's the organizers' description of this year's exhibition:

"Twentieth-century modernization deeply transformed Japanese society, bringing on the one hand economic wealth and social wellbeing, and introducing on the other, increasing specialization and divisions in society. In recent years, this transformation has been increasingly questioned, finding expression in a series of architectural projects. In this reappraisal, architectural drawings - the traditional tool to conceptualize, organize, and build space - have played a particular role. Besides being simply instructions for coming buildings, they are an ideal instrument to document, discuss, and evaluate architecture. As in ethnography, they allow usages, needs and aspirations to be investigated through the lens of the various actors - both human and non-human. They also form the basis on which a common approach in the design of individualized yet shared environments in today's globalized society can be formulated. To this end, the exhibition proposes 'architectural ethnography' as a new methodology of social engagement."

Learn more about "Architectural Ethnography" and the Venice Biennale here.

All photos courtesy of Andrea Sarti/CAST1466, and the Japan Foundation