Concrete Connection

Send us your photos for a public art mural in the South Bronx!

Concrete Connection is a proposed art intervention at a busy intersection in the South Bronx. It seeks to create a visual connection to—and thereby increase awareness of—the neighboring Bronx River Greenway parks. The proposed artwork will depict community members of the Southern Boulevard neighborhood engaging in park activities in a series of large-scale portraits displayed as a mural near Concrete Plant Park—part of the Bronx River Greenway.

Some of the activities at Concrete Plant Park offered but are not limited to are: canoeing, bird-watching, running / jogging, playing sports, harvesting in the edible food garden, playing sports, yoga, dog-walking, barbequing, and playing music. Take a picture of you showing us what you love to do at the park! Use props! Get creative!

Here’s how to participate:

1. Think of something you love to do at Concrete Plant Park.

2. Take a picture of you doing this activity with your face towards the camera.

3. Email your photo to along with your name, age, zip code, and a short description of your activity.

4. See yourself in a beautiful mural created by artist Richard Chance at the Westchester Avenue entrance of Concrete Plant Park!      

Check out Richard’s amazing artwork here! Interact with us on social media using the hashtag #ConcreteConnectionMural. 

Submit your photos by June 21, 2020!!