+/- 868 SF

A drawing commissioned for Storefront for Art and Architecture's "Aesthetics/Anesthetics" exhibition


Storefront for Art and Architecture

New York, New York

Project Team: 

Tobias Armborst, Daniel D’Oca, Georgeen Theodore, Rebecca Beyer Winik, Alberto Gonzalez Ruiz, Noah Michelon

+/- 868 SF, is our submission to the exhibition titled "Aesthetics Anesthetics: on birds, axonometries, children, green and comics & 30 Storefronts", which was on display at the Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York from June 26 - July 28, 2012. +/- 868 SF depicts a number of everyday spaces around New York City that are about the same size as the Storefront for Art and Architecture, from the sea lion habitat at the Bronx Zoo to the deck of the Lettie G. Howard ship moored in the South Street Seaport, to the Temple of Dender at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

From top left to bottom right: Gallery, Storefront for Art and Architecture, 868 SF; Gordon Matta Clark’s Odd Lot Number 5, Near Flushing Avenue, 827 SF; Fountain, Stuyvesant Square Park, 754 SF; Carousel, Coney Island, 754 SF; Private Terraces, 8th Floor, Trump Tower, 845 SF; New York City Subway Car, 750 SF; Bike Lane (one block), 2th Avenue between 19th and 20th Street, 845 SF; Temple of Dendur, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 909 SF; “Her” Fitted Dressing Room, most expensive Apartment currently on the market in NY, 871 SF; Entrance, Apple Store Fifth Avenue, 961 SF; Sea Lion Habitat, Prospect Park Zoo, 961 SF; Fountain and Bridge, the Museum of Modern Art, 872 SF; Dugout, Yankee Stadium, 819 SF; Traffic Island, 2nd Avenue and 36th Street, 884 SF; Swimming pool, Bronx River Playground, 800 SF; Racquetball court, Eastern Athletic Club, 800 SF; Boat, South Street Seaport, 984 SF; Jetway, Gate 19, Terminal C, La Guardia Airport, 943 SF; Statue of Liberty, Level 9, 743 SF; Sky Bridge, 32nd Street between 6th and 7th Avenue, 901 SF; Sand Pit, Diker Beach Golf Course, 831 SF; Womens’ Restroom, Natural History Museum, 813 SF; Crosswalk, Fifth Avenue and 33rd Street, 893 SF; Island, City Island Harbor, 813 SF