Made in Midtown

A study of the garment industry that asked: Should creative industries matter to New York?


Design Trust for Public Space

Project Team:

Tobias Armborst, Rebecca Beyer Winik, Daniel D’Oca, Jackson Howell, Georgeen Theodore

In 2009, the Design Trust partnered with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) to create Made in Midtown, a study of how the Garment Industry works and why it's an integral part of New York City's economy, identity, and sense of place.

The interactive project website,, launches June 2, 2010.Interboro is an urban design fellow on the project.Interboro’s drawings include a peel-away section of a typical block in the garment district, a timeline of the garment production cycle, and a series of comics illustrating the importance of clustering to the production of high fashion.

Other fellows are urban planner Sarah Williams, filmmaker Jordan Alport, graphic designer Glen Cummings, and writer Tom Vanderbilt.

See the interactive website here.

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