Size Matters

This essay looks at zoning disputes over room size, unit size, and city size.


Mole Magazine

Project Team: 

Tobias Armborst, Daniel D’Oca, Georgeen Theodore, Rebecca Beyer Winik, Charlene Chai, Michaela Friedberg, Riley Gold, Carlos Hernandez Tellez, Arielle Wiener-Bronner

Complex, confusing, and highly-charged debates about how big or small something out there in the built environment should be are by no means rare: open a local newspaper pretty much anywhere on any day and you’re likely to hear politicians, planners, advocacy groups, and concerned citizens opining about how big things like residential lots, buildings, apartments, and even cities should be. 

The truth is: size matters.

Here we present contrasting opinions -- taken directly from recent newspaper articles -- about eight contemporary "size matters:" debates about how big or small something in the built environment should be. Can you determine who said what and what the debate was about?