Winter Wonderplan

A redesign of Harvard's Science Center Plaza for the winter months

Photo by Philip Winn


Harvard University

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Project Team: 

Tobias Armborst, Daniel D'Oca, Georgeen Theodore, Andrew Varela, Katherine Isidro, Project for Public Spaces



Interboro was asked by Harvard Planning & Project Management to help create a winter environment for Harvard’s Science Center Plaza. Working with the client and Project for Public Spaces, we identified a number of winter amenities that would enliven the plaza during the winter months. These amenities were arranged in a thick, central band of activity that anchored by an ice skating rink on one side, and fire pits on the other. A major component of the scheme was a deck that we conceived, designed, and constructed to frame the skating rink, increase its accessibility, provide seating and storage for skaters and curlers, and shelter mechanical equipment. The deck was constructed out of modular elements that will be repurposed and reused for plaza activities in the spring, summer, and fall.

3 principles of the project: maximize reuse of pieces, create a center of activity within the plaza, and provide activities not found in the yard

Plaza winter fest 2017

Winter Wonderplan has come back for season 2 at the Harvard Science Center Plaza! A revamped plan was introduced for Plaza Winter Fest 2017 which expanded communal seating options and activities.